Why Using Facebook Page for Business in Cambodia?

Why Using Facebook Page for Business in Cambodia?

Posted by admin | November 7, 2016 | Marketing

Believe or not, Facebook is the most famous social media in Cambodia; and no other social media could be close to it yet. More and more businesses are trying hard to do whatever they can for social media marketing to win the customers’ heart on this giant platform. Many are spending hundreds of dollars if not thousands to advertise and promote their page to reach more of their target audiences. Why should you go for social media marketing with Facebook in Cambodia?

3.7 – 4 M

 Active Facebook Users

60% of Facebook Users spend

>3 hours

 per day on Facebook


Check Facebook just after their wake up

Low Cost

The lowest cost and high return on investment you could ever find in Cambodia

Is the statistics convincing? If yes, it’s time to think about your Facebook marketing strategy.


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