Why Facebook is a convenient tool to improve your Customer Relationship Management?

Why Facebook is a convenient tool to improve your Customer Relationship Management?

Posted by admin | December 20, 2016 | Marketing

Facebook incredibly fast implantation in Cambodia offers huge opportunities for your business. Just remember that around 4 million active users are registered in Cambodia in 2016 and that this number is growing fast to understand the potential of this social network. There is a specific area Facebook’s development revolutionize in Cambodia: the Customer Relationship Management. As a reminder, the expression “Customer Relationship Management” refers to the practices and strategies to collect and analyze customers’ interactions with the goal of improving business relationships with customers, improve customer retention and loyalty, and boost sales growth by attracting new customers to your business. The blue social network offers unique opportunities to boost this relationship in order to support your business development.

  • Feedbacks

Facebook is an amazing tool for collecting feedbacks from your customers. They can indeed use the live chat to send messages directly to your page to share complaints or recommendation, or comment your posts with the same motivations. Facebook makes it easy to drain feedbacks, which after analysis allow you to maximize your business performance by adapting your sales and marketing processes and for example give you the chance to identify and target specific clients that are receptive to your activity.

  • Interaction

Facebook is also a convenient communication tool. Not only thanks to Facebook you can spread information and reach a large number of customers quickly with low cost (through posting for instance) but also it allows you to interact directly and in real-time with your customers through live chat and comments. How could your clients feel closer to you than when you directly interact with them without filter? Some businesses even use the live chat and comments as direct selling tools.

  • Targeted Promotion

Now Facebook allows you to design a campaign to target very specific customers. You can stay connect with your customers or offer a very great promotion to them by using Facebook advanced marketing tool. It is a customized targeting, by importing your customer contact information to Facebook, you will be able to create a black post (the post that nobody see in your page wall post), and only the customized target audiences that you have imported into the list will be able to see. This practice will allow you as a business owner to create a campaign base on your customer segmentation. By using this tool, you will be able to keep your loyalty customer informed about your latest product, and create a special offer just for them.

Opportunities in terms of Customer Relationship Management on Facebook are obvious. Through feedbacks collection, direct interaction and targeted promotion, you can boost your business performances while giving value to your customers and so improving your Customer Service with low cost. It is all about creating and galvanizing a dynamic community of customers in order to significantly support your business development, to improve customer retention and attract potential clients’ attention. However, a real and sustainable strategy is necessary to reach these objectives; this is why time has come for you to seriously think about your Facebook marketing strategy.

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