What is the difference between Facebook Ads and Boosted Posts?

What is the difference between Facebook Ads and Boosted Posts?

Posted by admin | September 15, 2016 | Marketing

Now it is the rise of Facebook marketing in Cambodia Business Community, and it’s become more and more competitive due to the ease of use, flexibility, and low cost of advertisement. Although advertising on Facebook is very popular among Cambodian, most business owners only use Boosted Post for their social marketing campaign.

Actually, on Facebook there are many functions and tools for marketing campaign, the limited knowledge of the platform among the users in Cambodia has restricted the diversity of different type of campaign that they can use on this giant social media. The richness of it could be achieved by using Facebook Ads Manager, where you can create different type of marketing campaign based on the purpose and the objective of your business. In this post, we have compile a short presentation in Khmer Language to illustrate the difference between Facebook Ads, and Boosted posts, which embedded below:

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