In today’s fast changing pace, keeping yourself up-to-date is mandatory in the business world to maintain your existence and to move yourself and your business up to the next level. To be the leader in the field, you need to be better, and to be better, you need to learn new things, keep changing and to be the first mover.

Especially in marketing field, you can feel a big different that happen year by year. The digital age has speed up the change in marketing field, require business leader, marketer, and entrepreneur to keep up with the pace; or else they won’t be noticed or exist.

That’s why KUMNIT CREATIVE training program comes to life to provide the cutting-edge knowledge in marketing and in business field. We only provide the practical and creative knowledge to participants to make sure they could keep themselves in the leading position in the industry. We are the only group in Cambodia who specifically focus on marketing field to ensure the high quality of training program for all trainee.

Some of ours famous program:


Digital Marketing, be a Professional Digital Marketer


Facebook for Business


Market Research


Marketing Plan & Proposal


Business Communication


Marketing Analytic