Our Firm

KUMNIT CREATIVE provides sustainable solutions to build businesses future as Cambodia is entering into the Digital era. KUMNIT CREATIVE is a Strategy Consultant who can help you to find the path to success for your business, bringing changes to make your business more efficient and giving you advice based on years of experience in different sectors as retail, cosmetics, real estate, market research and food & beverages.

KUMNIT CREATIVE is also a Modern Marketing Consultant who can help you to define new marketing strategies adapted to the digital era to make your brand stand out. In Cambodia, Facebook counts 5 million active users and Instagram is chasing behind, as this number is skyrocketing. These digital platforms are places where you can build trust, show your uniqueness, and make people talk about you and remember your brand.

At KUMNIT CREATIVE, we analyze and monitor the most effective marketing channels and tools for your business on these platforms with the final objective of raising your brand awareness and to increase significantly your sales.

Eventually, KUMNIT CREATIVE is a Modern Marketing Trainer. We provide trainings to develop your branding and digital marketing skills that are more than just selling skills, and give you practical tips to maximize your marketing campaigns on social networks to stay competitive in the market. We organize 1 or 2 public trainings every two months but we can also organize corporate trainings totally adapted to your business needs.


“Leading change by embracing creativity and technology”


“Providing modern marketing solutions and skills necessary to enter in the digital era and advising our business partners to support their long-term and sustainable growth.”

Why we are unique?

Our team is among the best marketers, and we always train them the cutting edge knowledge to make sure we can offer the best service and solution to our clients, and catapult the marketing results for companies we work with.

When offering the service we always keep in our mind that, we are a part of your entity, responsible for the marketing outcomes of your company. Whether it’s generating leads, improving brand awareness, expanding into new markets, leveraging existing client relationships, public relations, social network marketing, digital marketing, we are there leading the way.

Marketing isn’t singular – it’s collaborative. We work with your team to deliver upon your business goals through strategic, actional marketing strategies. When working with Kumnit Creative you will receive:

  • A consultant who care so much about your business grow
  • Professional guidance to optimize your result, while minimize your marketing expense
  • A team who really know the value of marketing and branding
  • An assistant to help you analyze the most effective marketing channels and tools for your business.
  • A team of people who are dedicated to helping you achieve your company goals