How Consumer Come up with a Decision Before Buying?

How Consumer Come up with a Decision Before Buying?

Posted by admin | August 16, 2016 | Marketing

To generate revenue and to keep your business going, you need customers. That’s why customer is regarded as the king for every business. However, not every business has a chance to serve customers as the king in today’s competitive market. There are many options and varieties for them to choose. So you need to be attractive to be in one of the few in the selected list, and to be attractive, you need to understand your customer’s behavior and thought, and know well about their decision making process.

Many business owners and marketers in Cambodia have ignored the important practice on this concept, and they feel that it is a waste of time to know all these things. However, the fact is totally opposite when you know how to do it well. It will save you time and energy, and will help you as the business owner, and marketer to effectively design the strategy to attract customers when you really understand the behavior, and decision making process of consumers. This practical concept in business world is called Consumer Decision Journey.

Consumer decision journey (CDJ) is an important concept that is used by many big brands in the world to analyze business objective and to answer important questions such as:

  1. What create the customer need?
  2. Do my customer recall and recognize my brand?
  3. Do my product satisfy customers’ need?
  4. Do my efforts result in wins for my brand?
  5. Do the experiences I deliver fulfill customer expectations?
  6. Do my customers advocate my brand?

To answer all of these questions above by using the CDJ framework, there are 6 steps to be considered as below:


1. Trigger

When customers want to buy a product, they will start thinking about brands that can deliver that product. For example, if they want to buy a television they will think of television brand like Samsung, Sony, Toshiba, Panasonic…etc. Trigger is any reasons that drive customers want a particular product.

2. Consideration Set

It is an initial list that comes to customers’ mind. All brands want to be in this set because they all want to be on top of consumer’s mind. Consideration Set tells that your brand is recognized and the consumers are thinking of you when they want a product that you sell. It is a great place for your brand to be in.

3. Active Evaluation

In this stage, consumers are collecting information as much as possible to evaluate the different product choices and brands that are available to them. They may seek recommendations from their family and friends or reading online review.

4. Moment of Purchase

After consumers have done all their analysis and evaluation, they will arrive at a product that they actually is ready to make a purchase.

If your product is display at a supermarket, Moment of Purchase is when customers decide to choose your product while they see the different products, and those brands on the shelf are competing for their attention.

5. Post Purchase Experience

This phase is very crucial to your long-term business success as it will tell if you can turn your new customers to your loyal ones. This is the moment consumer use your product, and whether they like and if it fit their expectation.

6. Loyalty Loop

Loyalty Loop is as a shortcut of the entire consumer decision journey. It happens when the trigger arrives again, the consumers go right to the moment of purchase (buy your brand) and avoid the possibility some of other brand’s products.



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