August Workshop: Grow Your Business in Digital World

August Workshop: Grow Your Business in Digital World

Posted by admin | August 4, 2016 | Branding, Marketing


Digital Marketing concept is now becoming popular in Cambodia. However, not many people know much about it. Mostly business owners here only know about Facebook page, and spending money to boost their pages and posts. However, practically it is more than that. It is more than just spending money to boost on Facebook page. It requires skills and strategies to maximize the outcome, and minimize the expense. It is more than just using Facebook as a tool since there are many channels to expose your brands and to find the leads. There are many more things to grow your business online, and to scale up your revenue. There are more such as Google Display network, other social media channels, content marketing, Email marketing, SMS marketing, etc, and these are the things that we should know, to grow your business not just locally, but internationally. This skill will be a sought for skills in the near future that require entrepreneurs and marketers to know about it.

“Grow Your Business in Digital World” workshop will guide you through the concepts of digital marketing, and how to effectively use it to boost the business, and raise the brand awareness. Register for the workshop to learn about the concepts and practice in Cambodia. It will be conducted in CKCC (Cambodia-Korean Cooperation Center) in Royal University of Phnom Penh. The seat is limited, so a pre-booking is required to reserve your seat. The early bird ticket (before 12th-August) is only $10/pax, or $15/pax if purchase after 12th.

Digital Marketing is a skill, and it can’t be taught in just three hours. There are many things to learn, and requires a lot of practice, trail and errors. It can’t be learned within a day, it is a skill that we need to keep learning and practice to be up-to-date.

This workshop is an introductory to Digital Marketing, to get the participants become familiar with the concept, tools, and channels before they are able to get into a deeper one. It is a good start, and a good investment to get an up-to-date knowledge for the fast changing of the business world. So what are you waiting for, call to book a seat while it is still available. Be the leader in the industry by grabbing the up-to-date marketing strategy, don’t be the follower, otherwise you will lost the competitive advantage.

Workshop Summary:

Avenue: CKCC, Royal University of Phnom Penh

Time: 2:00 PM- 5:00PM

Ticket: $10/pax (before 12th-August) or $15/pax after


Tell: 010 296 072 /078 555 750


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